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FSC® C161403 –

Höllwarth Vienna is an extremely luxurious boutique in the heart of Vienna.

A very demanding customer who expected us to provide complete support from the design, through production and installation.

Creating spaces for such exceptional clients is a great pleasure for us.
The project assumed a completely new design, which would perfectly match the extremely luxurious men’s clothing.
For Höllwarth we produced and implemented (among the others) shelves / racks system in which the client presents clothing and footwear, display islands, changing rooms, the counter and all decorative elements.
In addition, the entire room is perfectly complemented by a decorative lamp designed by us.

Soon our next realization in this extraordinary city.

Design: ATEPAA®®
Production and workshop drawings: ATEPAA®®
Photo: Tomasz Zakrzewski Archifolio

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