Electronically raised frame and the possibility of choosing any worktop.

Smart Desk — modern, electrically adjustable desks

Modernity and ergonomics of work.
The Smart Desk ™ line.

Our line of electrically adjustable desks is the answer to the latest trends in the office environment. Creating modern and tailored solutions in employee furniture is a passion for us and the path that we have been following for a long time.

The Smart Desk ™ collection is made of electrically and manually operated desks. In the control option via the touch panel, the user has the ability to quickly and smoothly set any height or can use the previously programmed four favorite height settings.

We offer desks in single as well as double F2F versions. Desks in both options are used as permanent workstations, a meeting place or so-called “Hot desks” in which employees do not have permanent jobs.

The offer includes color variants of the frames themselves as well as a very large selection of decors, from which elements made of laminated boards are made. Moreover, our clients have a very wide range of options for choosing the size of worktops

The Smart Desk ™ collection perfectly complements the accessory line. We offer mobile containers, lockers or holders for a computer.

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See the technical details and finishing options. We create individual solutions, offering a wide selection of materials and colors.