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Hybrid lockers (HEBE™ Hybrid)

Quality & Durability.
HEBE™ series – you can count on it!

The HEBE™ series stands for lockers available in various options, depending on the needs.
— HEBE™ (hybrid) is the combination of a steel body (*galvanized steel) and fronts made of HPL board (12 mm).
— HEBE™ (Full HPL) stands for units made completely from HPL which are resistant to harsh conditions in a swimming pool locker room.

Hybrid units (HEBE™ Hybrid) are characterized by increased aesthetics and a variety of configurations. The series is recommended in particular for rooms with increased humidity, such as SPA centers, and may also be an alternative to the LUOVA™ and KILII™ series.

The lockers made fully of HPL (HEBE™ Full HPL) are dedicated to wet locker rooms connected with swimming pools.

Ready for use lockers

No need to fear if your lockers are delivered “without assembly service”. They are ready for easy and customer-friendly assembly.

Antimicrobial features

All the products are made from material(s) which possess antimicrobial features (resisting to and preventing growth of funghi, bacteria and viruses).


Transport, carriage and assembly. On site, safely and on time. Our professional and friendly staff will not let you down.

ATEPAA offers lockers in a variety of sizes and types.
Download the file below to see our standard solutions. Looking for non-standard, customized lockers? We are there for you! Send us an email to: [email protected]

See types of HEBE™Hybrid Series lockers

See types of HEBE™Hybrid Series Full HPL lockers

Color scheme, selection of coating or structure – there are many factors that make ATEPAA lockers stand out in a crowded market. The HEBE™ series allows for a custom graphic design on locker fronts. More information: [email protected]

Colors and decors of HEBE™Hybrid Series

Colors and decors of HEBE™ Full HPL Series

HEBE™ Seriesseries clothes lockers can be equipped with any type of mechanical or electronic lock. We will help you to choose the right one for you. We offer key locks, padlocks, combination locks, keypad locks and RFID locks.

See available locks

Looking for creative, amazing or luxury solutions? See what we can do for you.

See available options

  • clothing lockers for sporting facilities and changing rooms (HEBE™ Hybrid)
  • employee lockers for offices (HEBE™ Hybrid)
  • storage/deposit lockers (HEBE™ Hybrid)
  • bike lockers (HEBE™ Hybrid)
  • lockers for swimming pools (HEBE™ Full HPL)
  • any size
  • a variety of colors
  • individual graphic design
  • electronic and mechanical locks
  • a variety of modules and types of lockers
  • plinth-mounted lockers
  • bench-mounted lockers (standard or floating bench)
  • lockers on legs (10 cm)
  • durability
  • wide range of colors available
  • custom design available
  • the high-quality of lockers makes the HEBE™ series ideal for high standard rooms

ATEPAA design developed before the project execution

HEBE™ Hybrid clothes & box lockers manufactured for our customers may certainly be regarded as a durable, solid and modern furniture for storing personal belongings by customers of sports clubs, hotels or swimming-pools. We deliver solutions adapted to the interior design taking into account the existing or planned arrangement and decoration.

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