We design, manufac­tu­re and install

Modern hotel furniture

ATEPAA® specia­li­zes in contract produc­tion based on archi­tec­tu­ral office designs or on our proprie­ta­ry propo­sals.
We produce furni­tu­re and decora­ti­ve elements for modern hotel facili­ties, creating solutions of the highest quality and in accor­dan­ce with current trends.
As specia­li­sts with unique know-how for custo­mers looking for ready-made solutions, we have also prepared two lines of furni­tu­re that can be adapted to indivi­du­al require­ments in a very flexible way. The OULU and LUND lines are furni­tu­re for a hotel room, but never­the­less they can become an ideal starting point for exten­ding the design to other common rooms in the building.

Free design and 3D visualization

We love the idea of assisting you in your design work. We take efforts to make our reali­za­tions real copies of visuali­za­tion design.

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Bespoke furniture prodction for MOXY hotel in Poznan (Group Marriot)

ATEPAA® are specia­li­sts with great experien­ce who provide profes­sio­nal service as well as techni­cal and design assistan­ce during the imple­men­ta­tion of each project.
That’s way we are able to make bespoke furni­tu­re for design MOXY hotels.
Ready for a good time? Moxy Hotels makes that easy with the heart of a boutique hotel and an appetite for adven­tu­re

Wardrobes and custom made furniture

We manufac­tu­re thought­ful and modern tailor made furni­tu­re and wardro­bes for hotel rooms. 
We focus on simpli­ci­ty and quality of workman­ship.

Beds and bedside tables

Based on experien­ce, we follow proven solutions.
Never­the­less, our beds and custom furni­tu­re impress with fresh design.

Upholstered furniture and armchairs

We create seats for indivi­du­al orders or we comple­ment the interior furni­tu­re from well-known and proven produ­cers.

Lobby and Reception

The WOW effect at the very entrance is our special­ty.
We make original furni­tu­re for common parts.

Lighting and decorations 

Interiors and furni­tu­re require good light. 
We are not afraid of challen­ges, we are happy to under­ta­ke design and produc­tion challen­ges. We encoura­ge you to send inquiries or intere­sting projects. 

Sky is the limit 

We are not afraid of challen­ges, we are happy to under­ta­ke design and produc­tion challen­ges.
We encoura­ge you to send inquiries or intere­sting projects.

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ATEPAA® is produc­tion without limits.

Creative and stylish design hotel room

Fresh, creative and above all — functio­nal hotel furni­tu­re.
Wood, steel, lamina­tes or varni­shed elements, we combine them in accor­dan­ce with art.

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LUND — A modern line of furni­tu­re for a hotel room.

A surpri­sing, simple and sophi­sti­ca­ted design combi­ning wood and steel. The flexible and modular design combined with a very rich colour scheme makes it success­ful with the line in boutique and premium hotels.

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Design in line with the latest trends.
OULU — Stylish furni­tu­re for a hotel room
Design in line with the latest trends.

Analy­sing the require­ments of investors, we have develo­ped an optimal proposal that meets the expec­ta­tions of looking for fresh ideas for furni­shings modern hotel room.
The rich colours and possi­bi­li­ties to adapt to a wide range of require­ments make the OULU line a worth recom­men­ding.

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We manufac­tu­re and design in Poland.
We work for custo­mers globally.