An original and furniture arrangement for the hotel rooms that gives many possibilities.

The combination of modern form and steel elements.
The LUND ™ line, a new collection of hotel furniture from ATEPAA®.

Modern and stylish form, the possi­bi­li­ty of easy confi­gu­ra­tion and rich colours are just a few of the many advan­ta­ges of the new LUND ™ line. When designing our new line, we wanted to create hotel furni­tu­re that will be used in large hotel chains as well as an excel­lent alter­na­ti­ve to small and climatic boutique hotels or even as a designer hostel.

The LUND ™ line consists of many elements, which certa­in­ly enable creative and indivi­du­al adapta­tion to each project. The possi­bi­li­ty of confi­gu­ring the colour of steel elements as well as elements from the furni­tu­re board gives over several dozen options. 

The collec­tion consists of basic elements such as a wardrobe, a place to work or a place for a safe and a travel bag. In addition, we have comple­men­ted the entire line with stylish furni­tu­re around the bed, meaning bedhead and bedside tables. 

  • Dimen­sions and data sheet

    Download catalog showing the entire collec­tion as well as the options for perso­na­li­za­tion.


  • Color

    Colors, choice of paint and struc­tu­re, there are many elements that affect the fact that the LUND™ ine defini­te­ly stands out on the market.


  • Indivi­du­al solutions

    ATEPAA® is a producer that gives very large possi­bi­li­ties to adapt produc­tion to expec­ta­tions. Contact us, we will give you a hand with the project.


Plan made by the ATEPAA® design depart­ment.

We create solutions adapted to the interior, keeping in mind the existing or planned arran­ge­ment. Our design depart­ment adjusts the availa­ble shapes, often comple­men­ting them with creative and indivi­du­al elements, thus giving the rooms a unique charac­ter.