Monastico restaurant furniture

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Fit Out & Bespoke Joinery from ATEPAA®
For Well-Crafted Interior Design Solution in Food & Ball.

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Fresh and modern Bon Apetito restaurant with
ATEPAA® Fit Out & Bespoke Joinery.

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Modern and top-quality furniture for restaurants and gastronomy.

Thanks to the unique know-how, we can be sure that regardless of the type of space, the solutions we propose meet timeless assumptions.

We always meet the expectations of customers — we design and produce restaurant furniture in accordance with their guidelines, adapting to all requirements.

Our work is in close cooperation with design offices. Thanks to such a creative symbiosis, we create great spaces equipped with the best furniture.

Our offer includes basic elements such as furniture for the bar area, tables, chairs and armchairs, decorative elements and upholstered furniture. Such a wide range of production possibilities gives us the opportunity to perform the most demanding projects.

Free design and 3D visualization

We love the idea of assisting you in your design work. We take efforts to make our realizations real copies of the visualization design.

We deliver and install our products throughout the world

Thanks to our experience gained during the implementation of projects throughout Europe, we provide unique support and all components of the professional implementation of the project.

Tables and coffee tables.

The most important and key element in every gastronomic establishment. We create tables that perfectly harmonize with the business profile.

Counters and bar tops.

Sophisticated furniture of the highest quality, which surprises with its form. We believe that the individual character of our furniture is the most important element distinguishing ATEPAA® products on the market.

Sofas and loge seating.

It’s good to have the support of a reliable producer. We offer individual pieces, making each place very unique.


We complement restaurant equipment with the best chairs available on the market. We offer solutions tailored to your requirements and your budget.

Lighting and decorations.

A unique interior and furniture require favorable light. We complement our projects with lighting designed and made by us — also for individual orders.

The sky is the limit

ATEPAA® is not afraid of taking on challenges. We are happy to undertake the design and manufacturing of new products. We encourage you to contact us — we will be happy to be part of your project.


We create unique furniture for restaurants

The design of the premises perfectly suited to the needs directly from the manufacturer — with ATEPAA® everything is possible.
We respond to the client’s needs both in terms of design and a specific budget for implementation.

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We manufacture and design in Europe.
We work for customers globally.