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FSC® C161403 –


Modern workspace lockers for employees

Design and a wide selection.
Luova™ series

Staff and storage office lockers made of melamine faced chipboard. Luova™ series lockers match perfectly with modern design offices providing a wide selection of wood-like or color decors.

Luova™ series lockers may come with a custom design. Architects and investors seeking non-standard solutions will certainly appreciate the series.

Ready for use lockers

No need to fear if your lockers are delivered “without assembly service”. They are ready for easy and customer-friendly assembly.


Transport, carriage and assembly. On site, safely and on time. Our professional and friendly staff will not let you down.

ATEPAA oferuje szeroki wybór wymiarów szafek oraz typów szafek. Poniżej w dokumen­cie do pobrania prezen­tu­je­my nasze standar­do­we rozwią­za­nia. Szafki o innych wymia­rach, indywi­du­al­ny typ szafek skrojony na miarę? Oczywi­ście podej­mie­my się produk­cji. Wystar­czy, że napiszesz na: [email protected] See LUOVA™ locker types

MFC fronts and bodies may come with wood-like decors or as unicolored. See color scheme

The Luova™ series clothes lockers can be equipped with any type of mechanical or electronic lock. We will help you to choose the right one for you. We offer key locks, padlocks, combination locks, keypad locks and RFID locks. Locks may be integrated with employee smart cards. See available locks

Looking for creative, amazing or luxury solutions? See what we can do for you. See available options

  • clothing and personal belongings lockers for offices
  • lockers for laptops
  • storage lockers
  • bike lockers
  • filing cabinets
  • any size
  • fronts and bodies may come as MFC with a special wood-like finish or in a plain color
  • electronic and mechanical locks
  • electronic and mechanical locks
  • a variety of modules and types of lockers
  • plinth-mounted lockers
  • cabinets with legs
  • bench-mounted lockers (standard or floating bench)
  • lockers on legs
  • wall-mount lockers
  • attractive price
  • optional, custom-made design
  • wide selection of colors
ATEPAA® design developed before the project execution

ATEPAA® lockers manufactured for our customers may certainly be regarded as durable and high-tech furniture for personal storage by employees in modern design offices. We deliver solutions adapted to the interior design taking into account the existing or planned arrangement and decoration.

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