Fresh ATEPAA offer!

Wall coverings, the colour and decor of which can be matched to the overall interior of the room

Fresh ATEPAA offer!

Our offer has been enriched with wall cladding for offices, medical facilities and public buildings.

Cladding panels can be designed and made together with door systems – forming a consistent whole. This solution is a great springboard from smoothly painted walls and flat wallpapers and at the same time a simple way to introduce a completely new look to the rooms.

Wall coverings, the colour and decor of which can be matched to the overall interior of the room, will create an unusual atmosphere in the room, giving it cosiness or a distinct character required by the design.

Claddings from our offer are made of materials compliant with the design specification and can be individually adapted to virtually any surface.

We use various types of wood, laminates and natural plywood – thanks to these different textures and shapes, we can adjust our cladding to any arrangement.

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Veneered Wooden Panels

Cladding made of natural wood veneers, varnished or oiled. The possibility of using colorless or decorative varnishes.

Wall Panels made of HPL laminated boards

A rich, almost endless number of colors, decors and special effects. An ideal and durable solution for public utility and medical facilities

Varnished MDF Wall Panels

Manual varnishing with attention to every detail and an extremely wide range of colors gives many design possibilities.

Wall Panels with NRO flame retardant certificates

Production of wall claddings that are demanding and meet stringent fire protection standards. Take advantage of the advice of our experts.

Acoustic Wall Coverings

Our own production allows us to offer wall cladding that meets the requirements of acoustic cladding.

Innovative assembly system

We offer an innovative mounting system that ensures fast and extremely precise assembly. In addition, it allows the disassembly of the selected panel at any time when it is needed.

Our current projects

Atepaa wall cladding

Luxury Modern Villa

Our bespoke production for unique & premium interiors.

Cladding Wall Panels Grooved Veneer

Medical Clinic

A unique and extremely demanding project

Hotel Wall Cladding

Hotel in the mountains

Modernity and tradition in one.