Frequently asked questions

1. Where are ATEPAA® lockers and other units manufactured?
We manufacture lockers and other units in Poland. We develop proprietary solutions based on the best furniture components.
Our development and striving for excellence have resulted in the fact that the ATEPAA® brand is recognized in many European countries.

2. Are you going to extend your production facilities in the nearest future?
Yes, we are. Our Development Department continues to work on new products. Last year we released the home series and in 2017 we will release a comprehensive offer for offices.

3. Where can ATEPAA® products be seen?
Our products can be seen on the premises of our customers where they prove to be durable, with esthetics and quality appreciated even after many years. Starting from May 2017 our customers will have an opportunity to visit our showroom in Bielsko-Biala with sample furniture and also a part of the production process. Moreover, every year we show our products during exhibitions in Poland and abroad.

4. What is the waiting period for ATEPAA® products?
The standard waiting period for our products is 4 weeks. Nevertheless, we invite you to contact our office, for we always try to meet the expectations of our customers and, if possible, shorten the lead and assembly time as much as possible.

1. Are ATEPAA® lockers/cabinets assembled and ready to use?
Yes. The majority of our products are assembled and ready to use. Depending on the type (e.g. clothing lockers), all you need to do is to screw the individual units together. Our design department continuously improves the structure of our furniture so that customers are able to assemble them without our assistance. Nevertheless, we offer carriage and assembly service so as to ensure the professional and fast installation of large projects.

2. Is self-assembly difficult?
Not at all. But please note that the assembly work depends on the individual model. Lockers mounted on a plinth are the easiest ones to assemble. All you need to do is to carry them in, unpack and position them in the right place. For safety and aesthetic reasons, we recommend screwing together individual units with the enclosed set of screws.
We also offer lockers with benches. In this case, apart from the above steps, you need to assembly the locker bodies on the frames. You will not need any specialist tools. All you need to do is to screw them together using the enclosed screws.

3. Is professional assembly available when purchasing ATEPAA® lockers and other units?
Of course. ATEPAA® offers not only top-quality products but also places importance on customer service. Our customers may always count on service combining the organization of transport and on-site assembly. You will not be disappointed by our professional and customer-friendly team.

4. Are lockers covered by a warranty?
Of course, our products have a standard 2-year warranty. However, it does not change the fact that we remain at your disposal for many years. Years of development works and improvement of design have resulted in problem-free operation of our furniture for a long time.

5. Are lockers available on custom orders?
Yes, they are. We are among the few companies in our industry to undertake challenging projects. This approach has given us satisfaction with many magnificent projects and has driven our continuous development. We offer many non-standard solutions both for offices and sporting facilities.

6. What materials are available when choosing a locker model?
The majority of materials are presented on our website. We encourage you to analyze our offer.
We offer products made of the following materials: steel, MDF, laminated boards and natural wood. Please contact our office for we believe we can meet any requirements.

7. Can you deliver any other pieces of furniture for sporting facilities aside from lockers?
Yes, of course. In addition to our flagship products such as lockers, we offer a variety of other compact furniture. Our customers are provided with assistance from the very design to the production of furniture such as reception desks, upholstered furniture, storage furniture, benches, or hairdryer and sink countertops.

8. Do you have office furniture in your offer?
Yes, we do. We have produced much non-standard furniture on custom order.
Office spaces have been changing and investors are looking for better and more creative solutions. That is why we offer customized furniture. Currently, we have been working on the entire collection of office units. The collection will follow global trends, yet, at far more reasonable prices.

1. Can I receive an interior design free of charge?
Yes, our customers are provided not only with friendly service but also with top-quality interior design. We encourage you to contact our office so that we could find out how we can meet your needs.

2. What is needed for a design?
Our design is a synthesis of your expectations, the potential budget and interior space. Please note that two elements are always required: a brief, i.e. detailed information that we will ask you to provide and a room layout. Based on that we will start working together on the design and product that will 100% meet your expectations.

3. Does the design realistically reflect the project implemented?
This is an element that we put much emphasis on so that the project will surprise and delight our customers. Modern design tools and professional skills combined with our machinery park give 100% certainty. We always design with the intention to have the best feasible outcome.

1. What are the payment options for lockers?
Depending on the type of project, we offer several payment options. Our objective is to provide an attractive offer and payment terms that meet your expectations.

2. How does the order procedure work?
We offer many products and the order procedure may vary depending on their model. Please contact our office. You will certainly receive all the information that you need to know.

3. Is it possible to change the details in my order after formal confirmation?
Although we try to provide customers with sufficient information before an order is placed and a final decision is made, it is always possible to make some adjustments shortly after placing an order. For us, professional service stands for a flexible approach to customer expectations.

1. What are the costs of transporting ATEPAA® lockers and furniture?
The cost is always determined based on the type and quantity of products. We take efforts to keep the transportation service at an optimum level of costs. The objective is to deliver products to our customers in a quick and safe manner without incurring unnecessary costs.

2. How are ATEPAA® lockers and furniture transported?
As in the case of prices, we determine the means of transport individually. The objective is to deliver products to our customers using dedicated means of transport, which is definitely much safer. Of course, in the case of small orders, we chose pallet delivery by courier service so as to optimize the entire cost.

3. Can lockers be delivered to and assembled in any location in Europe?
Yes, for many years we have delivered and assembled our furniture all over Poland and Europe. We have an in-house assembly team ensuring that our products are assembled professionally and in a pleasing atmosphere of partnership.

4. How long does it take to assemble?
This depends on the magnitude of the entire project. We take efforts to provide safe assembly services in the shortest possible time.
The entire assembly procedure may take from 1 to 4 days.

5. How should a dedicated area be prepared for the assembly?
An appropriately prepared space will not only shorten the assembly process but will also prevent the risk of damage. It is important to put the furniture in the right place after completion of all finishing works. It is recommended to plan the assembly works immediately before the new office is opened with a several-day margin.

6. Do your lockers allow future disassembly and transfer to another location?
Yes, they do. ATEPAA® lockers/cabinets are modular units designed to enable rearrangement or disassembly in case of any future refurbishment. Only a few models of our clothing lockers due to their structure (“the floating bench”) require floor or wall mounting.

7. What countries are lockers shipped to?
Our furniture, especially clothing lockers for gym & sporting facilities, are delivered all over Europe. Please note that we sell our products under our brand name and succeeding in a relatively difficult and hermetic market like Germany is a great satisfaction for us. Our products catch the attention of many customers in the United States and our design has been noticed by designers of the new Apple headquarters.