Fitness Club Design – What to focus on?

15 December 2016 - 1 minuteread

Likewise any other commer­cial areas Fitness Club is a place striving to be success­ful. It has to be designed accor­ding to specific princi­ples; however, it needs indivi­du­al charac­ter.

Fitness industry is under­go­ing dynamic changes and develop­ment. We have worked for this industry for many years. Based on our experien­ce with global chains and smaller private investors we can provide our custo­mers with a profes­sio­nal advice.

We develop interior designs taking account the needs, direc­tions of develop­ment and recent global standards.
Whether it comes to a ‘Low Cost Club’, ‘Premium Club’ or ‘Boutique Fitness’it means diffe­rent approach to arran­ge­ment of rooms and style of furni­tu­re.

Our advan­ta­ges include: modern attitude towards design; own design studio and machi­ne­ry allowing for execu­tion of acommon vision.

Do you have any questions? Contact us. We will be pleased to take the challen­ge.