Hybrid lockers (HEBE™ Hybrid)

Quality & Durability.
HEBE™ Series – You may count on it!

HEBE™ series stands for lockers availa­ble in various options depen­ding on the needs.
— HEBE™ (hybrid) is the combi­na­tion of steel body (*galva­ni­zed steel) and fronts made of HPL board (12mm).
— HEBE™ (Full HPL) stands for units made comple­te­ly from HPL which are resistant to harsh condi­tions in the swimming pool locker room.

Hybrid units (HEBE™ Hybrid) are charac­te­ri­zed by incre­ased aesthe­tics and variety of confi­gu­ra­tion. The series is recom­men­ded in parti­cu­lar for rooms with incre­ased humidity, such as SPA centres, and may also be an alter­na­ti­ve to ARTA™ and KILII™ series.

Lockers made fully of HPL (HEBETM Full HPL) are dedica­ted to wet locker rooms connec­ted with swimming pools.

Ready for use lockers

No need to be afraid if your lockers are delive­red “without assembly service”. They are ready for an easy and customer-friendly assembly.

All inclu­si­ve

Trans­port, carriage, and assembly. On site, safely and on time. Our profes­sio­nal and friendly staff will not let you down.

  • clothing lockers for sporting facili­ties and cloakro­oms (HEBE™ Hybrid) 
  • employee lockers for offices (HEBE™ Hybrid) 
  • storage/deposit lockers (HEBE™ Hybrid) 
  • bike lockers (HEBE™ Hybrid) 
  • lockers for swimming pools (HEBE™ Full HPL) 

  • any size
  • variety of colours 
  • indivi­du­al graphic design 
  • electro­nic and mecha­ni­cal locks 

  • variety of modules and types of lockers 
  • plinth-mounted lockers
  • bench-mounted lockers (standard or floating bench) 
  • lockers on the legs (10 cm) 

  • durabi­li­ty
  • wide range of colours availa­ble
  • custom design availa­ble
  • high quality of lockers makes the HEBE™ series ideal for high standard rooms. 

ATEPAA design develo­ped before project execu­tion

HEBE™ Hybrid clothes & box lockers manufac­tu­red for our custo­mers may certa­in­ly be regarded as a rigid, solid and modern furni­tu­re for storing personal belon­gings by sports club, hotel or swimming-pools. We deliver solutions adapted to interior design taking account of existing or planned arran­ge­ment and decora­tion.