Minimalist and elegant gym lockers — ReShape Fitness

Areas of work: Custom fit-out: locker rooms, benches, vanity­cor­ners, mirrors and vip room

Customer: Re Shape is the mostmo­dern comple­xof gym, SPA and health centre in Silesia

In this project, ourcon­tri­bu­tion consi­sted in propo­sing and creating a compre­hen­si­ve layouto­fthe ladies’ and men’s changing rooms, vanity­cor­ners and VIP room. The club space was to be a modern and unusual solution, which will make the client­fe­el atease fromthe verybe­gin­ning, and the proposed solutions will be ergono­mic, yet simple and smart. All rooms consti­tu­te a coherent whole — contem­po­ra­ry­and trendy. The full-size mirrors on the sides ofthe cabinets, extend the space ofthe locker room, and the benches have a double function — the seats and storage space ofthe custo­mers’ footwear. The lockers are made of high quali­ty­ma­te­rials, and their­ma­in­ta­ined blackand white colours optical­ly­cor­rect­the dimen­sions ofthe room. The abundan­ce of white gives the impres­sion ofmore space and fresh­ness. In turn, black­gi­ves a distinc­ti­ve décorand empha­si­zes indivi­du­al zones in the changing room

Design: ATEPAA®