Metal employee lockers

Quality & Aesthetics.
SIMPLE™ Series

SIMPLE™ Series staff lockers stand for a comple­te­ly diffe­rent quality of furni­tu­re. Steel that is thick enough, a stable struc­tu­re, manual welding and modern powder coat finish ensure many years of opera­tion.

ATEPAA® modular lockers allowing for numerous arran­ge­ment and equip­ment options are the best offer on the market. Lockers may come as based on a plinth, with legs and bench; in addition, each locker may be equipped with an inclined canopy and any type of lock. We also deliver other pieces of steel furni­tu­re. Contact us!

Ready for use lockers

No need to be afraid if your lockers are delive­red “without assembly service”. They are ready for an easy and customer-friendly assembly.

All inclu­si­ve

Trans­port, carriage, and assembly. On site, safely and on time. Our profes­sio­nal and friendly staff will not let you down.

  • Sizes and data sheet

    ATEPPA offers lockers in a variety of sizes and types.
    Download the file below to see our standard solutions. Looking for a non-standard, custo­mi­zed lockers? We are there for you! Send us an email to:

    View various types of Simple™ series lockers

  • Colour scheme

    Colour scheme, selec­tion of coating or struc­tu­re – there are many factors that make ATEPPA lockers stand out in a crowded market.

    SIMPLE™ Series lockers may come in a range of RAL colours.
    Locker bodies and fronts may be finished with the same colour or may differ in colour.
    *Some colours and options availa­ble against extra payment

    See the colour scheme of SIMPLE™ Series

  • Types of locks

    SIMPLE™ Series lockers may come with each type of mecha­ni­cal or electro­nic lock.
    We will help you to choose the right one for you. We offer key locks, padlocks, combi­na­tion locks, keypad locks and RFID locks. Locks may be integra­ted with employee smart cards

    See our selec­tion of locks

  • lockers for employ­ees
  • lockers for public service staff 
  • safety cabinets
  • lockers for cloakro­om (any type) 

  • any size
  • variety of colours (RAL)
  • electro­nic and mecha­ni­cal locks 
  • plain or perfo­ra­ted fronts 
  • galva­ni­zed steel (*optional)

  • variety of modules and types of lockers 
  • plinth-mounted lockers
  • bench-mounted lockers (standard or floating bench) 
  • benches on legs (10. 14 cm) 
  • lockers with inclined canopies 

  • attrac­ti­ve price 
  • high quality that ensures several years of opera­tion
  • optional custom-made design 
  • high quality of SIMPLE™ series lockers make them ideal for high standard interior designs 

ATEPAA design develo­ped before project execu­tion.

Metal custom lockers manufac­tu­red for our custo­mers may certa­in­ly be regarded as a rigid and high-tech furni­tu­re for storing personal belon­gings by workers in diffe­rent types of workpla­ces. We deliver solutions adapted to interior design taking account of existing or planned arran­ge­ment and decora­tion.