Employee cloakroom – What furniture to choose?

L Type lockers, single or multi-section lockers, for dirty/clean stuff, plus several types of locks. Selection is wide but what to choose?

Depending on destination we always have several options to choose; See what we offer to our customers.

Cloakrooms in sporting facilities such as fitness clubs the most common model is ‘B’ type locker i.e. ‘one on top of the other’; it is an optimum solution with regard to costs and occupied space.
The second popular type of units are storage lockers which perform the function of a buffer and the so-called quick-access lockers. Such lockers are usually located near the reception.

Cloakrooms for employees have to meet the standards applicable to the industry in which a relevant company operates. Lockers for food processing plants and for automotive industry will not be the same. Currently, the most popular a single-section lockers, type A with division into dirty and clean clothes. Of course, one should not forget about L lockers which are used if there is no need for a division into dirty/clean stuff; they are ideal when it comes to saving of space.

Lockers that are very common for workplaces are food lockers or shoe lockers.

Should you have any questions, we are there for you.

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